Flight Departures and Arrivals

With the help of a Flight tracker, you can check out the live status of the latest flight arrivals and departures at the international airport.


Tips for Buying Cheap Flights- Flight Tracker

If your travel dates are flexible, you will already have a lot of money to save. Because the prices of airline tickets depend on many factors, you should follow some tricks like Dates, destinations, stops, airports, and how far and how to make the purchase can save your money. Also, check Chandigarh Airport arrivals before buying tickets.

Be Flexible With Dates Use Flight Tracker

We know that in many cases it is difficult, but as far as possible it is always advisable to be flexible with dates. Our advice is that when you look for a ticket you always use the option offered by some search engines and airlines to “view the whole month” and so, with all the prices of the selected month ahead, you can choose the cheapest dates and you can check the flight schedule using flight tracker provided above.

Buy Directly From Airlines

Be aware of flight comparators who allow you to purchase through their website and at the time of payment they add a small fee for their services. The best thing is to use the search engines to locate the most interesting ticket and then make the purchase through the website of the airline, you can get the contact numbers of the airlines below.

Choose flights With More Stops

In most cases, direct flights will be more expensive than trips that involve several flights until you reach your destination, even if that means stopping at different airports to change planes. Also check the flight status using flight tracker provided above.

Round or One-Way Trip?

Many times we buy a round trip ticket because we assume that it is the cheapest way to acquire them. But on some occasions it is possible that if you buy a one-way ticket, from your home to the destination, and then another one, from the destination to your home, the resulting total price is lower than that of a single round trip ticket.

Choose The Airport Well

You know where you want to go. It is worth looking at the possibility of flying to other airports near your destination. Maybe that city has several airports, some cheaper than others, or maybe there is another city close to which you are interested in flying because it is cheaper to fly to it.

Use Search Engine and Airline Alerts

Many search engines or applications offer the possibility to send you an alert when your desired flight has dropped in price. You select a flight and a few dates activate the alert service and if that low price itinerary for those days you will be notified so you can make the purchase.

Buy at the Right Time

It is one of the keys to get cheap flights. First, avoid buying tickets during the weekend, it is when more people are looking for flights and prices can be increased to take advantage of high demand. Mondays are when companies usually launch offers and hopefully stretch until the next day. Take advantage of it.

Low Cost? Better Not Invoices

This advice sure you already know, but it is not bad to remember. Most of the low-cost airlines do not include checked luggage on their tickets, only hand luggage, and if you want to carry a large suitcase you will have to pay for it. If you want to save it is better not to bill. You may fly to a distant destination and your ticket does include the checked luggage, but if once there you want to move in a low cost to make short trips, you will have no choice but to pay for your suitcase. Remember that travelling light is always full of advantages.

Contact Airlines 

Air India

Air India has its headquarters in Delhi and it operates a number of Airbus and Boeing aircraft.  Customer helpline numbers of Air India airlines are:

18001801407, 01125675121.

Jet Airways

Jet Airways is the largest commercial passenger airline of India and is based in Mumbai. Customer helpline numbers are:

1 800 22 55 22, +91 80 3989 3333 (Bengaluru), +91 44 3989 3333 (Chennai), +91 11 3989 3333 (Delhi), +91 40 3989 3333 (Hyderabad), +91 33 3989 3333 (Kolkata), +91 22 3989 3333 (Mumbai) and for other cities, please add city code and dial 3989 3333.

Air Asia

Air Asia is the largest airline of Malaysia and it has its headquarters near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Toll-free helpline number is:

1 860 500 8000

Jet Konnect

Jet Konnect is a low- cost airline of India and is managed by Jet Airways. It has its headquarters in Mumbai. Customer helpline numbers are:

1800 22 3020 (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bengaluru), for other cities please city code and dial 3989 3333.

Go Air

Go Air is the fifth largest airline in India and it has its headquarters based in Mumbai. Helpline numbers of Go Air are:

1800222111, 09223222111


Indigo is an low-cost Indian airline and it has its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Customer helpline numbers are:

+91 9910 38 38 38, +91-124-661 38 38


Spicejet is the low-cost airline of India and it has its headquarters in Gurgaon, India. Customer helpline numbers are:

0987 180 3333 and 0965 400 333,+91 987 180 3333 and +91 965 400 3333 (for foreign countries)

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