Mohali Airport Guide


Eight domestic airlines are currently operating at Chandigarh International Airport. These airlines connect Chandigarh to two international and seventeen domestic destinations and provide many facilities at Mohali Airport. Click here to view the customer contact numbers of such airlines.


Chandigarh Airport Guide- Airlines

Facilities at Mohali Airport

Chandigarh Airport Guide- Cafeteria

Chandigarh Airport Guide- Cafeteria

Passenger Facilities: A free trolley is avialable for every passenger to carry their luggage and belongings. Moreover, every handicapped passenger is provided with a wheel chair (free of cost).


Visitors Entry Fee: Every visitor has to an Rs. 30 as an entry fee. They are not allowed to go through the security gates and also to check-in counter. Hence chairs are available in an air-conditioned waiting hall, where visitors can have access to cafeteria, toilets and other facilities at Mohali Airport. Moreover, drinking water is provided to the visitors.


Cafeteria: Cafeteria is available in the parking area, where you can buy beverages and snacks at very reasonable costs.

Parking Facilities at Mohali Airport

Area is provided outside the terminal for parking facilities at Mohali Airport. Parking for Non-Commercial Vehicles is free for first eight minutes, after that charges are applied as per the vehicle:-


For cars: Rs. 60 are charged for first two hours and additional Rs. 10 per hour after two hours.


For two-wheelers: Rs. 15 are charged for first five hours.


For busses: Rs. 170 are charged for first two hours and additional charger may be applied after two hours limit.


Note: You cannot park your vehicle overnight in the airport parking area.

Mohali Airport guide- Parking Lot

Mohali Airport guide- Parking Lot

Taxi and bus Facilities At Mohali Airport

Taxi and bus Facilities At Mohali Airport

Taxi and Bus Facilities At Mohali Airport

Cab Services

Private cab services are available 24/7 outside the airport like CarzOnRent provides local and outstation services (95922-01234, 99150-93942, 0172-5072201), Mega Cabs (0172-4141414).


Bus services

Local bus services like Chandigarh transport Undertaking (CTU) provides local bus services from Sector 17 and Sector 43 to Chandigarh International Airport. These bus services are available throughout the day at very reasonable costs. Customer Inquiry numbers are:-

0172-2700006 (ISBT, Sector-17, Chandigarh), 0172-2624413 (ISBT, Sector-43)

Security and Luggage Facilities 

Mohali International Airport is very strict in the terms of security. Every traveller should follow some of the general guide lines while being at airport. As every airline has its own security guidelines, so you may check the guidelines of the airline in which you are travelling. Civil Aviation Security frames the security guidelines of the airport, all operators have to put these security guidelines in operation. Different government agencies recruit the security agents. Some of the airlines also recruit their own staff for security. Some of the security procedures followed at airport is:-


First of all, an officer is present at the entrance of the terminal who checks the ticket and identity of the travellers. Handheld metal detectors and doorframe metal detectors are present to examine passengers. To check the luggage bags, x-ray machines are present and sometimes they also check them manually.  After that, security staff puts a security stamp on your boarding passes and luggage labels. In case, if the security system indicates alarm, then a secondary security team checks the passenger personally. During ground halt of the aircraft, passengers have to wait on board and have to follow the instructions given by crew member.


You should keep some following instructions in mind while travelling:
  • You should not accept any packet from an unknown person.
  • Your luggage should be under your observation every time in the airport area.
  • If you are caring any arms or explosives, then you should inform before checking-in.
  • You should not carry loose battery cells with you as custom officer will remove them from your luggage and they do not return them at the time of departure.


Prohibitions to be taken while being on board:

One should not carry items such as firearms or pointed weapons like axes, spiked sticks, truncheons etc in an aircraft. Airport security not allow some items like ice-axe, razors, scissors, knives, tools, etc, which are having the capability of hurting someone. Some of the objects have limitations to carry such as lighter, matchbox, scissors above two and a half inch, umbrella and sharp metallic objects. If you are carrying any of the above object, then you may come under suspension.

Prohibited items in Luggage:

In your registered luggage you should not carry dangerous objects like briefcase with alarm device or batteries, explosives, firearms, flares, gasses such as camping gas or aerosol, inflammable liquid such as lighter fluid, paints, thinner, flammable solids like matchbox or substance which create fire when in contact to water, oxidizing substance like bleach, poisonous substance or radioactive substance, corrosives such as mercury.


Forbidden Articles in Passenger Cabin:

You should not carry dry cells, knives, tools, sharp objects, firearms or toy replicas of any of the above objects in the passenger cabin area. Every valuable items like currency, precious metals, jewellery, personal identifying documents should be carried with the passengers in the cabin.


Restrictions on the Passenger Cabin:

You should carry items which are necessary for the passengers during the journey like medicines or grooming items in limited quantities. However, you should contact with airline office for the latest update of rules and regulations.

Security Facilities At Mohali Airport

Security Facilities At Mohali Airport

Follow all this guidelines privided above to enjoy the facilities at Mohali Airport.