Train Schedule

Train schedule provides you information about every train arriving at Mohali railway station. It shows you the live train schedule in the form of train time table. Moreover, it also provides you information about any delay in the train times.

How to Check Train Schedule

You can check the arriving time of the train at Mohali railway station and on which platform the train is arriving by simply searching the train code.



Mohali railway station (code: SASN)

Mohali railway station (code: SASN) is located at Balongi road, Industrial Area, Phase 9. It serves to Mohali city which is adjacent to Chandigarh and is operated by northern railway zone of Indian railway. Nearest railway stations to Mohali are Kharar and Chandigarh junction. Mohali railway station is the part of the project to link Chandigarh and Ludhiana. However, this route is fully electrified as well as pollution-free.

Mohali Railway Station (Train Schedule)

Mohali Railway Station (Train Schedule)

Travelling Accommodations

There are many types of accommodation types like Berths, seats and Chair car and class available for travelling such as First class (Air-conditioned), AC 2-tire Sleeper, First Class, AC 3 tire, 3E (AC 3 Tire Economy), AC chair car, Sleeper Class, Second Sitting.


Transport Facilities

There are auto-rickshaw as well as taxi services available outside the railway station. Local bus services are also available, which are expected to arrive after the rail times.


Parking Facilities

There is a parking lot outside the railway station, where you can park all kind of vehicles. Therefore, the parking rates are very cheap. Charges to park a car are 10 to 25 rupees according to the time of parking. Similarly, charges for two-wheeler are 10 rupees and 5 rupees for bicycle. You can park your vehicle for more than 24 hours in this parking.



There is a special discount of 50% for women over 58 years. Moreover, a discount of 30-40% for men over 60 years is provided for travelling in Indian Railways.


Customer Helpline Number

For any suggestion and complain you can contact at 24 hours toll-free helpline number 1800111139 or you can send a message to 9711111139.

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Travelling by train is one of those experiences that you must live at least once in your life. However, not all railways are the same in different countries, some are more modern, others more luxurious and, in some places, being transported in this way is so usual that people occupy it to go to daily work. So, here is a list to make your train trip more enjoyable:-



If you know what places you want to visit and what is in the surrounding area, it will be better, because that way, no circumstance will take you by surprise. Having a suitcase or backpack that is easy for you to transport yourself will make your trip more enjoyable.



It is recommended that you arrive in advance, even if you booked your tickets online, especially to familiarize yourself with the station and know which platform you will leave. Not to have setbacks when boarding.



Certain agencies allow you to buy a pass to travel throughout a country for a certain number of days. So if you want to know a complete continent by train or just travel without limitations, it is recommended that you review these passes and know what they include.



As I said above, everything exists in the world of trains. Some trains has an impressive restaurant who offer you with some caloric snacks that you probably want to avoid. So, before getting on your train, it’s good that you bring your snacks for the tour.



Perhaps the most important detail, that is why it is the last one, is that travelling by train is not so much about getting from one place to another, but about enjoying the route: seeing the landscape change and relax.

Take the opportunity to read a book, admire nature or make new friends. Enjoy the disconnection offered by this means of transport and do not be interrupted by any technology like mobile phones or laptops.

Travelling by train is also not about the price. Yes, there are economic packages that, due to the diversity of options, are very cheap, but if you want something direct, the plane is better, so by train, it is not so much about saving but enjoying the crossing – in case I have not said enough times.

Finally, many trains have domed wagons and the best have a terrace wagon. In these you can take excellent photos of your trip, which you can then show off with everyone. The terrace cars have the advantage that gives unobstructed view of the landscape.

Are you ready to make your train trip memorable? You’ll love it!